Call for application "Centrale Nantes Elite scholarship" + Masters of engineering programmes

The call for applications to the Masters of Engineering at Centrale Nantes is now open!
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1/ What are the different areas of specializations you can apply for?

  • Computational Mechanics (Erasmus Mundus Label of excellence)
  • Energetics and Propulsion
  • Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering (Erasmus Mundus Label of excellence)  
  • Materials Processes and Technology of Composites 
  • Design of Systems and Products 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Ship operation and naval engineering
  • Advanced Robotics (Erasmus Mundus Label of excellence)
  • Automatic Control, Signal and Image
  • Real Time, Steering and supervision
  • Atmosphere, Water and Urban environment

    All these Masters of engineering are internationally recognized and accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

2/ What is the expertise of each Master to highlight?

        Computational Mechanics (Erasmus Mundus Label of excellence)

One of your professors will be our Centrale Nantes world class researcher Nicolas MOES, co-inventor of the revolutionary X-FEM method to modelise crack growth. This X-FEM method is an improvement of the classic Finite Element Method and is used to solution space for solutions to differential equations. Very useful for example to perform high level calculation in order to create very reliable structures for aeronautics or civil engineering materials!

        Energetics and Propulsion  

For sustainable development, it is crucial to improve motors and reduce pollution. At Centrale Nantes for example our professors work closely with industry to develop more efficient hybrid motors. Be part of this future!

        Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering (Erasmus Mundus Label of excellence)

Did you know that the first project of Floating off shore wind turbine is implemented by Centrale Nantes in France within the Floatgen project with the EU and companies? Have a look and apply to this master to get state of the art education in hydrodynamics and ocean engineering, a major field of study for our future.


        Materials Processes and Technology of Composites 

In this master, you'll learn advanced state of the art knowledge about materials and modelisation in order to answer the need of companies for innovative solutions, like designing more reactive polymers and effective fiber composites for the automotive industry. Look at this video from 2 of our World class Centrale Nantes professors Christophe BINETRUY and Francesco CHINESTA that teach in this master and have huge research projects with companies!


        Design of Systems and Products 

 Be innovative! At Centrale Nantes for example our team working in this field is currently designing the first 3D Printers for human tissues in cooperation with the medical researchers and industries!

        Civil Engineering

At Centrale Nantes we have world class specialists of concrete that is still the more used material in the world. It is of the uttermost importance to improve its production and efficiency, and find innovative solutions to use the by-products!

        Advanced Robotics (Erasmus Mundus Label of excellence):

Robots are everywhere and this field of study will be developed more and more in the future, in industry, cities, medical field, culture, ...Innovative projects around robotics gathering art, health and science are conducting at Centrale Nantes, kike the "Rob'Autism" project, and experimental interaction between a robot and children with autism spectrum disorder that get amazing results.


        Automatic Control, Signal and Image

Do you know the MRI of the future? This project on “Magnetic Resonance Imaging » brings together researchers from Centrale Nantes and researchers from other institutes and industries to develop methods to extract quantitative information of clinical interest.

The researchers at Centrale Nantes are working on image and signal processing and applying their expertise in fluid mechanics to improve image resolution and accuracy.

Be part of this expertise team for the future!

        Real Time, Steering and supervision:

One of your professor will be our Centrale Nantes world class researcher Malek GHANES received the prize for applied research from the Federation of Electrical, Electronics and Communications Industries (FIECC) for his pioneering work on the development of robust and inexpensive automation. He was also awarded the prize for best article in Control Engineering Practice, a journal of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) for his work on the management of fuel cell energy for electric vehicle applications. Now Malek GHANES leads the Centrale Nantes and Renault industrial Chair on electric propulsion performance with a budget of 4.6 million euros!!!

        Atmosphere, Water and Urban environment:

Environment is our cities are part of the major current global problems that our world is facing today. In collaboration with many national and international partners, this master program is managed by the world class group Dynamics of Urban and Coastal Atmosphere (DAUC) focuses on understanding the urban atmosphere, its micro-meteorology and micro-climate, relying on numerical modeling, wind tunnel experiments and field experiment campaigns. Join Centrale Nantes, Join DAUC!  

3/ Who is Centrale Nantes?

Centrale Nantes is a Top- French Grande Ecole that delivers an academic programme and an applied research of the highest quality with the support of numerous strong institutional and industrial partners.

4/ Outcomes

Students will obtain a Master's degree of Centrale Nantes after a 2-year-Master course.

Today, hundreds of alumni are now part of the Centrale Nantes Master's alumni network and have successful careers all over the world, in academia, innovation or industry. Centrale Nantes and its industrial network play an important role in the design of the curricula, the teaching of the cutting edge R&D that guarantee and enhance the employability of the students after graduation compared to a regular master degree.

Here are ones of the Centrale Nantes industrial partners: Airbus, Renault, Michelin, Bureau Veritas, Total.

5/ Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of engineering.

An applicant whose native language is not English is required to pass a recognized international English test such as TOEFL (score 220 CBT, 550 PBT, 80 IBT), Cambridge Advanced English Test (score B or higher), IELTS (score 6.5 or higher), TOEIC (800) or other English equivalent test.

An applicant who has undertaken his studies in English is eligible, passing a recognized test provides a higher chance of acceptance (official confirmation letter is needed). The English test result must be sent before the application deadline.

There is no French level requirement as the courses are taught in English.

6/ Application & Selection

Applicants must fill an online application form on

Application deadline: May 15, 2017

The number of seats is limited and Centrale Nantes rigorously  select the outstanding and the most motivated students.

The selection committee checks the web-completed applications twice a month.

The sooner the student finishes the application, the sooner the admission can be published, so he/she can secure a seat on the Master programme.

    7/ Tuition fees

European Union students: standard local fees

Non-European Union students: €12,000/2 years

    8/ Scholarships

Students can apply for the Centrale Nantes Elite scholarship if  they submit the online application before March 31, 2017.