International master's degrees at the Faculty of Sciences & Technology of the University Jean Monnet

Call for Applications for 2018-2020 intake is now open!
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Dear students,

We are delighted to inform you that the international master's degrees delivered by the Faculty of Sciences & Technology of the University Jean Monnet are ready to welcome this year again applications from over the world.

To allow any students to join our ever-growing community of international students, we're happy to be able for the next intake to offer a large number of scholarships (no additional application process is required):

Apply online before the 16th of March 2018

and benefit from a scholarship to finance your degree


UJM Foundation (3DMT, COSI, MLMD and CPS2 master's degrees programmes)

10,000 € to the best applicant


50% fee-waiver (COSI) programme

3000 € for European students; 7,000 € for non-European students


COSI scholarship

10,500 € for non-EU students

6,500€ for EU-students


Please note that we are currently applying for a new financement from the European Union. We are unable to guarantee that there will be Erasmus+JMD scholarship for 2018-2019.


... and more support to finance your master degree; please visit our master's degrees' websites (COSI, 3DMT, MLDM and CPS2) for more details.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the university at the following e-mail address  :

Université Jean Monnet