Master EMARO+ Centrale Nantes : the call for applications is now open!

This topnotch Master’s course has twice been selected under the European Programmes of excellence: in 2013 through the Erasmus Mundus Programme (EMARO) and in 2014 through the Erasmus+ Programme (EMARO+). The aim of the course is to promote the most advanced educational offer in the area of intelligent robotics.
Erasmus, Česká republika

1/ What is EMARO+ ?

Through lectures by reputed researchers, practical work on latest experimental plateforms, sessions with industrial specialists, annual workshops, EMARO+ student gain the most topnotch knowledge that will prepare them for the next challenges in Robotics.

2/ Who are the partners ?

EMARO+ is an integrated Master’s course designed and conducted by partner institutions sharing a common vision of Robotics : Centrale Nantes (France) coordinator, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), University of Genoa (Italy), and Jaume I University (Spain). The Consortium is enriched by associated partners that bring extra European and industrial perspectives: KEIO University (Japan), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China),  IRT Jules Verne (France), Airbus Group Innovations (France), BA Systemes (France), Robotnik (Spain), and SIIT (Italy).

3/ Outcomes

Students will obtain two Master's degrees from the top European institutions where they studied.

250+ alumni are now part of the EMARO+ alumni network and have successful careers all over the world, in academia, innovation or industry. EMARO+ prepares its students to play a major role in tomorrow’s high technology society thanks to its practical cases, cutting edge R&D lessons, industrial network and final six-month professional experience included in the curricula.

4/ Tuition fees

Non-European Union students : €9,000 per year.
European Union students : €4,500 per year.

5/ Scholarships

Consortium scholarships are given under the form of a reduction of tuition fees, for both years:
- 10 000 € for Partner country students (non-European)
- 3 000 € for Programme country students (European)

Application deadline for the Constrium scholarships: January 26, 2018