Satisfaction of foreign students in France increased in 2017

Image and attractiveness of France to international students
CampusFrance, Česká republika

Like for previous studies in 2011 and 2013, the survey covers questions in relation with the decision process, the satisfaction level of the stay and the benefits of the experience. Questions were added in 2017 to assess the impact of the Brexit, the election of US president Trump and the election of French president Macron, but also to assess the reputation and interest for France Alumni. 

The qualities in relation with France and French higher education tend to continue and even increase.

  • 9 international students out of 10 recommend France as studies destination (90% in 2011; 91% in 2013; 92% in 2017).
  • 9 international students out of 10 are satisfied of their stay in France of which 52% are "very satisfied"(43% in 2011; 41% in 2013).
  • Over 88% of students who studied in France are satisfied of the value of their diploma and the quality of education (over 85% in 2011; over 86% in 2013).

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