Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Energie, l'Eau et l'Environnement (Ense3) is an engineering school that is part of the Grenoble Institute of Technology which is ranked among the very best Grandes Ecoles (graduate schools) in France. It is located 300 miles from Paris, in the Rhône-Alpes region of South Eastern France.

Ense3 offers a range of master degree programs in the fields of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, civil and environmental engineering. Two of our master's programs are taught in English. Ense3 welcomes approx. 100 international students each year. Grenoble has always been in the forefront of the development of new technologies in the field of energy and water management. Taking full advantage of this background, the Ense3 school trains high-level engineers and doctors able to take up the challenges associated with the new energy order, with the increasing demand of water, both in quantity and quality, and with the sustainable development and country planning.

Master Degree Programs Include:
- Hydraulic and Civil Engineering (Master in one or two years taught in English)
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- Electrical Engineering for Smart Buildings and Grids (Master in one or two years taught in English)
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- Fluid Mechanics and Energetics (Master in one year taught in English)
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The Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation supports a scholarship programme for International master students at Grenoble INP (dealine on February 20, 2016):

- Electrical Power Engineering (taught in French)
- Mechanical & Energy Engineering (taught in French)
- Nuclear & Energy Engineering (taught in French)
- Energy Systems and Associated Markets (taught in French)
- Hydraulics, Civil & Environmental Engineering (taught in French)
- Automatic Control, Systems and Information Technology (taught in French)
- Signal & Image Processing, Communication Systems & Multimedia (taught in French)

Our school combines technical and scientific skills in the domains of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, civil and environmental engineering to be able to handle the full energy chain (production, distribution, usages, trading) as well as the full water cycle (harnessing, storage, supply, treatment).

Our engineering training strongly involves our industrial partners with a large part of practical training periods taking place within the companies.

Studies at Ense3 lead to the French degree "Diplôme National d'Ingénieur Grenoble INP-Ense3" (equivalent to a Master's degree) or to a PhD degree. Each programme offers the opportunity to pursue with a PhD.